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rangelink set

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The latest firmware (TX v1.24/ RX v1.24)  Note: after 2012-3  order all the latest firmware

Latest firmware or the manual download here:

1 × TX module
1 × 433MHz 3dBi 1/4 wave antenna for TX
1 × cable with connector for power supply and PPM input
1 × cable with connector for Headtracker unit
1 × RX module
1 × 24cm 2.15dBi 1/2 wave dipole antenna for RX

The RangeLink Long Range System (LRS) is a new LRS produced by the designer and manufacturer of the original ChainLink LRS (433MHz/70cm Ham band operation). It offers many new features and improvements including some that are not available on other LRS!

RangeLink LRS has been developed to meet the needs of todays modern FPV/UAV pilots and includes the following features
1: RSSI output function: Let’s you know the receiver's signal strength during your flight when linked with an On Screen Display (OSD) that allows RSSI inputs. Many of today’s modern OSD units have this capability.
2: PPM output: For some OSD’s with PPM input function, you can just plug one wire for the RTH function.
3: High and Low Power switch: The power switch allows the user to quickly switch from the low power 200mw (which is all you need for most flights), to the high power setting 500mw. It can make your flight safer, because you can switch to high power mode immediately when you get into failsafe, which means you can fly without any device that can get your plane back when you lose control, because when you get into failsafe you just pull the switch, and you will get your control back immediately! What's more, RangeLink has a micro-power mode built in, so you can do the pre-flight range test easily. There is no more need to use a small and easily lost dummy load for range testing.
4: 12 channels PPM signal output: As a FPV/UAV flier, RangeLink provides enough channels to allow for the controlling of all your different components.
5: Strongly filtered: Fully tested with different frequency bands of Video transmitters and has a better power design for both the Tx and Rx module meaning less interference.
6: High sensitivity: -115dBm, the highest in the market, which means our 500mw RangeLink system can give the same (or better) range than other 1w and 2w UHF systems. This might sound hard to believe, but it has been tested many times. Essentially it uses less power, but more provides increased range.
7: Compatibility: RangeLink can work with any popular 4-12 Channel radio in the market(include futaba radio 12ch ppm mode), and it does not matter if the PPM signal is positive or negative!

1. Robust FHSS Link.
2. UHF ISM Band 433MHZ (431-435MHZ).
3. Two position RF power switch ~ Low power (200mW) ~ High power (500mW).
4. Headtracker input ~ adds head-tracker compatibility to most radios.
5. PPM input ~ ensures compatibility with 3.3v thru 12.0v PPM levels.
6. Single pushbutton range test mode or failsafe settings mode.
7. Flexible binding function and supports MultiMaster mode.
8. TTL UART for firmware upgrades.
9. RangeLink Transmitter Built-in LPF( 900-1300MHZ rejection Loss over 45dB,2.4GHZ band rejection Loss over 40dB).
10. RangeLink Receiver Built-in SAW band pass filter.
11. Failsafe Cancellable ~ useful for MK Failsafe detector.
12. RangeLink Transmitter 7-13 VDC, 80×64×24mm , 125g
a) high power mode 500mW 12V@180mA
b) low power mode 200mW 12V@120mA
c) micro power mode < 1mW 12V@50mA
13. RangeLink Receiver 4.8-6 VDC (Recommend 5V), 40×26×12mm , 18g
a) 12CH PWM Output(all channel 9bit resolution)
b) RSSI Buffered 0-3.2V
c) PPM Signal Output
d) Sensitivity: -115dBm

>new feature support rf rssi or link qulity indicator on the rssi pins, selectable.

New tx units:
(support all type RC radio, just make sure your radio out stardand ppm stream(center 1.5ms).

-RangeLink UAV Application------------
someone like used rangelink for UAV system,(rangelink works at Transparent asynchronous UART mode,that will support any protocol).
plans to do this. but i cannt give you any ETA info.

support Two Way Communication mode:

rangelink rx <----> rangelink rx
rangelink tx <----> rangelink tx
rangelink tx <----> ragnelink rx

that means only two rxs, you also can used them for UAV application. of course you can used this for fpv downlink...


1. RangeLink operates in the UHF ISM band, which in most countries you can use legally if you have a HAM license. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure they are complying with their local laws when using this product.
2. Although this system can give you a 10km-40km range under proper installation and usage, we still strongly recommend you fly within proper range and height.
3. In order to get the best experience with this system, some basic knowledge of electronics and Radio Frequencies (RF) are needed. The RangeLink LRS comes with detailed installation instructions, and support is also provided to assist your installation via the rcgroups forum.

Rangelink Revision History
-----------------------rangelink tx-------------------------
v1.03 First Customer Release.
1.fixed interference with vrx 1.2GHZ system. futaba radio 12ch ppm mode (only at teacher mode).
{Only tested with 12FG}
v1.27 add new feature link quality indicator / rf rssi indicator selectable (on rssi pin)
-----------------------rangelink rx-------------------------
v1.06 First Customer Release.
1.change rssi(packet rate) to rf rssi. range (0-3.2V)
2.reduce the fs setting request(3-6s).
New batch<after 2012-03> change the internal buffer, improve the driving circuit capacity. and improve the internal RC filter, because some OSD input very low impedance,like eagletree OSD PRO less 5Kohm. and some OSD input not include filter (HW filter or digital filter), so it will make the rssi unstabitily.
v1.24 add new feature link quality indicator / rf rssi indicator selectable. (rssi pin)

Note: if you wanna to upgrade,please upgrade both(tx & rx) to the newest version.

New feature link quality indicator / rf rssi indicator selectable:

make rangelink tx enter advanced binding mode, first beep end:
the two ways switch
high power mode ==> link quality indicator
low power mode ==> rf rssi indicator

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